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I totally agree w/you on why can't swimsuits fit just like underwear!!! Ha! I don't have a problem w/the bikini bottom but forget about it for the top; I'm a 32C & I like to have a lot of coverage on top b/c I swim. I'd perish the thought of losing it in the water!!! I'll go check out Venus.

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Do's and don'ts: What women think of men's underwear

Just like how women would walk in a funny way when their underwear doesn't suit the shape of their bodies, men can also get distressed because of theirs. Boxer shorts, in particular, do not offer any kind of support, and women think it is quite juvenile for men to wear these things. Say no to "bikini briefs"

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Bikini Bottoms that fit like underwear Have you ever wanted to put on a pair of bikini bottoms and have them fit and feel like underwear but cover you up and don't cut in? Welcome to Sunrise at Bondi, where the colours and patterns are inspired by the Australian landscape of endless white beaches and cool pools, and the fit of our swimwear is ...

I love bikinis that look like underwear because I look better ...

I love bikinis that look like underwear because I look better in underwear than I do most bikinis. If I weren't pregnant I might go try this on. Oh, maybe I'll still try it on anyway...

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Our undies look and feel just like normal underwear, but they are absorbent, sweat-wicking, odor-crushing and seamless. They hold 2-3 teaspoons of blood, stopping period leaks from ruining your day. Basically, they're magic for your period

Would you date a man who wears bikini briefs? - the Data Lounge

The kind of guy that wears bikini briefs, or even plain briefs, is very distinct. The guy of mainstream jock or military guy that I am attracted to would never even consider wearing briefs, let alone bikini briefs, unless as a joke. It would just never happen.

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In my opinion, bra and panties are just a sexier version of bath suits (it turns me on to see a woman in her underwear but almost never in her bath suit). What do you girls think? They're are almost the same thing... if someone saw me in my underwear I would be totally ok with it. It's kind of like ...

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I just bought a nursing swimsuit that is very blah. Personally, I like cute swimwear that fits like lingerie (just doesn't look like lingerie) with polka dots and fun prints. So I would recommend Freya and Fantasie. I wish I could wear argent provacateur, la perla, and d&g swimwear, but their styles just don't offer the support I need!

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These fabulous panties will look and feel so amazing, that putting on pants will be a shame. Start off your day and end your evening in this remarkable underwear. Enjoy Fine Fabric. Just like all clothing from Gap, bikini underwear is manufactured from choice materials.

The bikini: allowing women to wear panties and a bra in ...

The bikini: allowing women to wear panties and a bra in public since 1946 (45 photos) ... their hot and all but just watch porn, thats what it's for ... If the front ...

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These panties are the closest I've found to truly no-show. They are comfy. I too have found, as another reviewer mentions, that some come with a ridiculous number of tags while others do not. I'd like to see the tags go away. And I'd love some fun colors. I don't find them lacking in quality and they seem to be holding up well.

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Shorter than the mens briefs, bikini underwear gives plentiful skin to the show yet give the best of hold, improvement, and sex appeal to the underneath design. How are bikinis unique to the other underneath fashion styles? A couple of men's bikinis looks increasingly like men's short underwear with cut texture to uncover more skin.

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Men's bikini underwear variants. We already mentioned that when you think of men's bikini underwear, you cannot settle down with just one because the number of variants itself claims that the style is absolutely popular. You can choose them from a variety of coverage options. Mentioned below are the different variants available at Mensuas.

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You Can Get a 3-Pack of CK Underwear for Just $12 ... Here at the Strategist, we like to ... we thought it would be useful to fill in some of the gaps by compiling the best women's underwear ...

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Can a swimsuit function as underwear? - Quora

They are also non see through when wet so if you have the urge to jump in the water on a hot day just remove the pants, shorts or skirt and do it! It's cool because no one can tell if it was originally intended for men or women because some men's underwear looks exactly like swimsuit bikini bottoms.

What do women think about men wearing bikini underwear ...

I was wondering what women thought about men wearing bikini underwear and is there any men out there that do. my wife bought me some bikini underwear and she thinks that look good on me and told me I should wear them all the time they are kinda comfortable especially when I go running or any other ...

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Just like how underwear comes in different styles, so too do bikini bottoms. The cheeky, the high waist, and the hipster are some terms you may have heard of. Not to get all technical, but when ...

Any guys like bikini or thong undies? | Yahoo Answers

Most underwear for women now imitates guys underwear like boy briefs, and womens boxer briefs by hanes etc.. and plain boxers at american eagle. So i feel fine wearing all undies even victorias secret cuz if guys shouldn't wear those kinds of things it is a double standard. that girls can wear guy like stuff.

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A breathable panty so that you can breath easy. You'll love these cute period panties — the classic bikini style is SO easy to wear all day. These briefs look and feel just like any bikini brief — but they've got a secret weapon hidden inside in the shape of super powerful moisture-wicking fabrics.

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The Claspies team constantly strives to find ways to make life easier, and our patent pending design enables you to stand on two feet while putting on your underwear. Styled to feel and look just like your favorite everyday underwear; Claspies allow you to put on fresh clean underwear whenever and wherever you desire.

Why is underwear treated differently than swim suits/bikinis ...

Also, swimsuits can cover a lot more than bras and panties. A lot of girls who wear thong or g-string underwear wouldn't be caught dead in a thong bikini. Even "bikini" style underwear shows more bum than the average bikini swimsuit. Bras are sometimes sheer or give a lot of cleavage.

The Six Types Of Underwear Every Woman Needs

Barring the few times you've gone commando, more often than not, you're wearing panties of some sort. To keep you up-to-date on your terminology, we listed the six different types of underwear ...