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Molokini Crater has been a Marine Preserve since 1984 and as such is a haven for many of Hawaii's species. Fish fill the water column happy in the knowledge that they are safe from fishing and many dance around our divers while exploring the crater.

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As far as Molokini goes if you are planning inside the crater skip it and do cathedrals, if your planning on doing the backwall of Molokini then its a toss up. When we did the back wall we saw dolphins and mantas. The backwall dive is typically a deep dive and some dive ops require advanced cert.

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The backside of the crater has a long, sharp wall that tapers into caves and other lava rock formations. Only experienced SCUBA divers should dive Molokini's back wall. The depths are close to 350 feet and the currents can be powerful. When you dive Molokini the expectations you should have is for the water to be cool and clear.

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Besides, the difference in cost between the snorkelling tour and the scuba diving tour, especially if you have your own gear, was only 32 USD. I later saw that there were specific scuba diving tours for the back wall of Molokini Crater when enough advanced divers show up, but their price was 164 USD (don't forget + tax/fee/tip).

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Molokini is a popular tourist destination for scuba diving, snuba, and snorkeling. Its crescent shape protects divers from waves and the channel's powerful currents. However, experienced scuba divers will also drift dive off the 300-foot (91.5-meter) sheer outer wall, using the channel currents to carry them along.

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Whale Shark encounter of the Backside of Molokini Crater in Maui Hawaii - Duration: 5:03. Jon Renfro 3,208 views. ... Molokini Back Wall Scuba Dive-Maui Hawaii with Humpack Whale Song! ...

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Molokini is Maui's favorite Dive site. With approximately a dozen different dive spots, the BACK WALL is the most challenging. Molokini also offers as a marine sanctuary an enclosed protected area which affords high visibility and fun for snorkelers

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The Back Side. Molokini Crater's back side is a drift and wall dive for the experienced. This advanced dive is a great opportunity for those interested in diving with white, grey, or black tip reef sharks. Scuba divers may also see spinner dolphins, manta rays, and large schools of tropical fish.

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Molokini Back Wall consists of ledges and walls dropping down to over 200 feet of depth. The lack of a bottom allows for 100+ of visibility. The dive also has currents running along the wall so the dive is done as a drift dive. You can see sharks, Jacks, schools of Butterflyfish, Squirrelfish, and much more on this dive.

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Maui Dive Shop: Molokini Crater and Back Wall Dive - See 1,451 traveler reviews, 334 candid photos, and great deals for Kihei, HI, at TripAdvisor.

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The back wall is an awesome dive from what I understand and its high on my list of things to dive here. Even though I havent dove it I can tell you quite alot about it. To start there is only one company on the Island that gaurantees they will do the back wall. Thats Maui Dive Shop. It is a drift dive. Good bouancy control and air consumption ...

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If you're lucky enough to visit the less crowded back wall of Molokini Crater, keep an eye out for larger species such as Manta Rays (Hahalua), Spotted Eagle Rays (Hihimanu), Stingrays (Lupe), Reef Sharks, the elusive Whale Shark and Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins (Nai'a).

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The Molokini Backwall. Molokini Back Wall. Plunging into the Abyss. Molokini is a Volcanic Islet rising up in the Channel between Maui and Kaho'olawe. The sunken crater now contains a pristine Coral reef and is used for multiple snorkelling and diving tours. During the day the crater is filled with tour boats.

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On the way to and from the dive shop the boat made frequent stops to see whales that popped up - so we got a good combination of diving and whale watching. The dive was enjoyable and my dive guide Sam was able to point out a lot of good stuff. We ran into 4 or 5 sharks, eagle rays, and the usual critters (morays, bandit fish, etc).

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Molokini Crater is home to approximately 250 species of fish- some of which are found nowhere else on the planet. The second tank will be a drift dive off the back wall of Molokini Crater. This is a spectacular dive, as the sheer wall of the crater drops from 200 feet above the surface to over 300 feet below!

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Molokini Crater is home to approximately 250 species of fish- some of which are found nowhere else on the planet. The second tank will be a drift dive off the back wall of Molokini Crater. This is a spectacular dive, as the sheer wall of the crater drops from 200 feet above the surface to over 300 feet below!

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Dive Site Blog. Back Wall Drift Dive, Molokini, HI Rating – Nine (9) – (1 Worst / 10 Best) This dive was the first dive of a 2-dive trip with the Scuba Shack in Kihei. The ride from the Kihei boat launch was only about 10 minutes on Scuba Shack's jet boat which is f

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Scuba diving Molokini Crater has become world famous due to the wall and drift dives available. The backside of Molokini drops nearly straight down to 360 feet. The inside reef of Molokini also offers great diving opportunities.

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Molokini scuba diving sites can include Reef's End, Enenu'i and the Back Wall. Reef's End is a great option for all skill levels. The lava ridge crests just below the surface of the water and drops to about 130 feet. Explore the inside wall and the finger that protrudes from edge of the crater.

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The expansive Back Wall of the crater is for those comfortable with advanced scuba diving. It is common to see nudibranchs, black coral, and large groups of soldierfish in this impressive reef. The very lucky visitor may encounter larger animals like manta rays, whale sharks, and even humpback whales! All levels of scuba divers will enjoy Molokini.

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Molokini Back Wall. Some of the places to dive at Molokini are along the outer slopes and walls. The wall, sheer in places, drops vertically out of sight, even with the over one-hundred-foot visibility that is common here.

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Molokini's back wall isn't just for discovering rare and unexpected marine animals, either: researchers have visited the site to determine ancient ocean levels—levels that suggest that Molokini Crater would have been on land rather than on water at the end of the last ice age, in which sea levels, due to melting ice caps, were believed to ...

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But divers and snorkelers are welcome to explore Molokini's underwater refuge to their heart's content. Do not feed the marine life, or approach sea turtles or seals. Some people believe the best site is on the backside of the crater where the crowds tend to thin out and the back wall drops sharply to depths of 300 feet.

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A visit to this submerged crater, a protected wildlife and marine area, is one of the highlights of any visitor's underwater adventures while in Hawaii. Our snorkeling tours from Kihei aim to please, with not only the opportunity to snorkel inside the crater but the back wall as well. That's two different spots at Molokini!

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