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Bikini Competitions: So you've come far enough as to show interest in reading about bikini competitions. What goes into it? Is it worth it? How hard is the prep? I'm here to give my two cents, for whatever that's worth. I just recently competed in an NPC Bikini competition, and would love nothing more than […]

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it seems like there is a lot of conflicting opinions about water depletion before a show. certified dr. layne norton Ph.D. says in his peak week write up that water depletion should not be done at all while others say it is necessary to do in order to be shredded for a show. what have you anecdotally found to be the best way to come in the leanest for the show in terms of water manipulation?

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A documentation of what it took to prepare for a bodybuilding bikini competition. Content includes my bikini competitor competition prep, diet, posing, cost, and timeline of events.

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The National Physique Committee is the premier amateur physique organization in the world. Since 1982, the top athletes in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini and physique have started their careers in the NPC.

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Are you gals figure or bikini? Do 'bikinis'I pull water before a competition? Im in training now for my first show. Posted by The Get In Shape Gir: Bikini - And I pulled to a half gallon each day, 3 days out. and day of, i sipped. i think that was the worst part!!! i was cramping like a mofo before i walked on stage. Posted by ajkolb: Do you ...

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Enter the 'peak week,' a grueling final step to help you achieve maximum muscle definition and a shredded physique. Get tips on water consumption, sodium intake and more right here! You read Staying Lean and Healthy in College, tailored the advice to your personal needs, and successfully shed ...

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Because studies have shown that water is mostly stored within our muscles. So if you decrease your water intake, your body will adjust by actually retaining more water outside the muscles, making you look bloated. Additionally, your total water retained will decrease, but since most of it is stored in your muscles you will lose precious muscle ...

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Her water consumption was at 2 to 2.5 GALLONS OF WATER PER DAY! Water is the most potent diuretic you can use! And drinking MORE water leads to a powerful shedding effect in the body. Increasing your water consumption well above normal levels drives down the hormone aldosterone in the body.

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A lot of modern diet plans focus extremely heavily on eliminating several macronutrients nearly totally. And despite the fact that this can be great for brief term weight-loss, a zero-anything diet plan is not a sustainable option for any of us.

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My First NPC Competition: Part 1 So, you think you want to compete in an NPC Bikini Competition? ... sodium or water depletion, no cutting out food groups) and ...

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As we have established from the other blog, this also pulls water away from the muscles, resulting in you looking smaller and highly likely to cramp on stage. Clearly this is going to be less than great for a Bikini girl on stage. SHOULD YOU DO IT? No… >>> Do 'depletion' workouts >>> Go zero carb until 2 days before the shoqw


WATER DEPLETION TIPS. Getbig Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Forums ... I don't do any sort of wild sodium increase or depletion or any method. Water, I keep it high ...

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The way I carb up my clients catches the wave of glucose and water entering the muscle on the way up, but not at the expense of smoothing out on the rebound effect of over-carbing. Saturday & Sunday. My general carb cycle for peak week is to start at the highest point on the weekend before.

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If you've got a lot of water weight from carbs, then you will probably see a big difference - anywhere from 5 - 10 lbs. If you've been in keto or have cut the carbs out a few weeks before, the change in weight will not be as drastic because you'd have already lost a lot of that water weight.

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Dehydrating Using Distilled Water. To get the "lean look" for stage, dehydration is key to tightening your skin and losing that last bit of fat due to water weight. My trainer was very into all natural and organic supplementation so my water depletion was a combination of distilled water and dandelion root diuretics.

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This prep was done in 6 weeks time with NO supplements or drugs of any kind. No starvation dieting… In fact, she ate graham crackers (her favorite) almost every other day. I didn't have her doing hours of cardio (in fact the most was 40 minutes), no water depletion, NO extremes of any kind.

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Has anyone ever experienced their calves, ankles, & feet swelling after a competition? I had a show 4 days ago and I noticed my ankles starting to swell at work yesterday... today my feet, ankles and lower portion of my calves are starting to swell even more.

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Written by Michelle Johnson, IFBB Bikini Pro What Should Peak Week Really Be Like For Bikini Competitors? Many people have misconceptions . about what Peak Week really is for the Bikini athlete. Some refer to it as a "dry out", which means a ton of asparagus, low water levels, dandelion root and very low, if any carbs.

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I'm helping my gf w/ her diet for the NPC Fresno in 2 weeks where she's doing her first show for bikini and I'm wondering what the peak week would look like for bikini competitors. I'm not sure if there's a carb deplete/carb up process or if you keep things the same the whole week or if you just deplete into the show.

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Tweet; Dehydration. Diuretics. Sodium depletion. Distilled water. Tilapia to thin the skin… Bullshit. The whole lot of it. There's so much garbage that gets spread about in the bodybuilding world it's no wonder so many competitors get on stage looking (and feeling) like shit.

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If one hears the term "peak week," they may think about the best week to travel to a certain location at the peak of vacation time. But if a person is a part of the fitness community of bodybuilders and figure or bikini competitors that participate in competitions on the local or national level, "peak week" means something else altogether.

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Okay, so there is a lot of mystery behind how everyone approaches peak week. Well, I thought may be i would share my experiences and teach you guys what I do in order to prep. 5 Days, 5 Tips for ...