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TYR is a USA manufacturer of competitive & recreational swimwear, swim caps & goggles. TYR products are ideal for swimming, diving, water polo & triathlon. Free Shipping Available!

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SUITMATE - Swim Suit Water Extractor. The SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor - An Innovative system that efficiently removes 95% of water from a wet swimsuit in just eight seconds. Specifications. Size: 15 x 15 x 23″ Weight: 55 lbs. (Approximately) Construction: Rust-resistant stainless steel and durable plastic; 115V(AC) – 60 Cycle

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The ultimate locker room upgrade. The Suitmate 115 Volt/60 HZ Unit by Extractor Corporation from WMS Aquatics - Commercial Pool Equipment & Supplies, online or by calling (800) 426-9460.

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Spa and Salon Equipment and Supplies for hotels, resort, casinos, spas, senior living facilities and salons from Spa Development International. Treatment equipment includes massage tables, facial tables, pedicure and manicure equipment, styling stations, styling chairs, shampoo stations, barber chairs, wet room tables.

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This costume dryer fits one bathing suit at a time. In 10 seconds it will spin out most of the moisture from the swimsuit so that the suit can go back in a gym bag or onto a bench almost completely dry. This is not intended to be a clothing dryer. The Suitmate Water Extractor is the most popular costume dryer in the world for commercial pools.

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The TitanH2O is designed specifically for water damage restoration jobs. This powerful slide-in truck mount features a 32.5 HP liquid-cooled Kubota engine and produces 400 CFM. It removes large quantities of water and is 75% easier to operate than a traditional truck mount.

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Suitmate swimsuit water Extractor. A system that efficiently removes 95 percent of water from a wet swimsuit in just 8 seconds. Moisture-proof electrical junction box and wall mount bracket are provided. Water for disposal should be directed to floor drain or piped to waste water system.

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PROPER WALL MOUNTING OF THE SUITMATE® UNIT The SUITMATE® unit should be mounted to the wall with the Wall Mount Bracket that is provided with the unit. The UTILITIES LOCATION DIAGRAM (page 8) shows the recommended location for the mounting holes, the electrical service, and the wastewater outlet (if utilized).

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water or water hose down. 3. The unit should be mounted on a wall structure that will support the unit's approximate 60 pounds hanging weight plus the added weight or pressure of people leaning on the unit. Consult the PROPER WALL MOUNTING section of these instructions to determine an appropriate location. 4.

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Suitmate Swimsuit Water Extractor, 220-240V, 50 Hz (For EXPORT only, not US) ... Women's Sexy Backless Striped Twist Front Crossed Halter Swimsuit Retro Plus Size.

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Bathing Suit Water Extractor Guidelines Swimsuit water extractors offer an alternative to packing a dripping wet swimsuit after using a bathing facility. Moisture from wet swimsuits can be reduced by using a high-speed spin process that uses no heat to keep fabrics safe.

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The SUITMATE should be mounted to the wall with the Mounting Bracket that is provided with the unit. The SUITMATE INSTALLATION TEMPLATE shows the recommended location for the mounting holes, the electrical service, and the waste water outlet (if utilized). The SUITMATE Mounting Bracket must be secured to a wall stud, or to a concrete block or

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Washer-Extractors Cabinet Freestanding Refer to Page 9 for Model Identification Original Instructions Keep These Instructions for Future Reference. CAUTION: Read the instructions before using the machine. (If this machine changes ownership, this manual must accompany machine.) Part No. D1598ENR9 February 2019

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Swimsuit water extractors are very common in various facilities around the country. These devices are used to rapidly remove water from bathing suits. The devices are located in locker rooms and in areas near the pools for members to use.

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The SUITMATE is a high-speed swimsuit water extractor. It is powered by a 1/3 horsepower, 115V/60Hz full grounded and fault protected electric motor. The unit weighs approximately 55 pounds. This manual contains service procedures for the SUITMATE including maintenance information, a troubleshooting guide, a wiring diagram and a parts list.

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A swimsuit water extractor is a dream come true to anyone who is tired of seeing their property ruined by water damage. Operation of this machine is simple enough that any of your guests can use it. All they have to do is place their swimsuit into the dryer and press down on the lid.

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INSTALLATION TO WALL MOUNTING SCREWS LAG SCREWS The SUITMATE Swimsuit Water Extractor has been designed and manufactured with safety as our primary consideration. Therefore, it is important that the unit be installed correctly. It is also important that the installation comply with all local building codes and regulations. Please consult

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The Suitmate by Extractor Corp. is in a class by itself. Removes 95% of the water in a bathing suit in just 10 seconds. Made in USA with durable construction intended to withstand use in high traffic situations like public pools and exercise facilities.

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2017 Extractor Corporation 2 115-v 20-Amp 60-H SUITMATE ® Unit INTRODUCTION The SUITMATE® unit is a high-speed swimsuit water extractor. It is powered by a 1/3 horsepower, 115-V / 60-Hz fully grounded and fault protected electric motor.

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The Suitmate Swimsuit Water Extractor 115v from Extractor is used at pools and locker rooms to spin dry a wet bathing suit in 8 seconds. Using centrifugal force, this American made machine removes 95% of a suit's water. The automatic timer helps protect your Suitmate water extractor from overuse.

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When installed, bottom of hand dryer will be 10" (254 mm) above bottom of rough wall opening. Therefore, bottom of rough wall opening should be 10" (254 mm) below suggested mounting height for hand dryer. (See suggested mounting heights above for the Xlerator hand dryer recessed kit.).

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Mytee 7000LX Flood Hog Water Extraction Portable Flood Pumper Starter SOS Pkg See more ... Suitmate Swimsuit Water Extractor, 110-120V High Speed Spin Dryer - No Heat.